Sunday, April 15, 2012

If there's an accident

I'm to the point in the life that I'm worried about my child breaking her arm at a playground. How do you get them to the er? strap them in their carseat and drive like mad with a screaming child in the car? That's probably what will happen!

But I heard a tip from a fireman about accidents. They say that sometimes they have situations where the mom or caretaker of the child is knocked out (or worse..) but that the children are either ok or in need of attention. Well, they suggested that we get a sticker with the child's basic information on it and place it on the car seat. That way the fireman at least have a name and blood type and other critical information during an emergent situation.

I thought that this is a great idea that I'd never come across or much less think about! So I'm passing it along to all of you!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Dangers of Sunscreen!

I am not typically one to get over sensitive to the "green" movement. If I find something comfortable and affordable in being green than I will pick that option.

We all have heard that you shouldn't use sunscreen on children 6 months and younger. Which I thought was sort of a silly thing. Since I'm very sensitive to getting burned; I was sure that my fair skinned daughter would be the same.

As a family we took a trip to Hilton Head, NC to visit family. While there I lathered my family (including myself) with nice new sunscreen purchased specifically for the trip. This sunscreen was just your average sunscreen available at any one of your local stores.

A few days after getting home, I realized that something wasn't right. I started to break out into all these little tiny red bumps. I didn't pay too much attention to it until the next morning when my extremities were covered! Being pregnant with my second child, I knew that I had to be careful. After a quick call to my OB she suggested some allergy pills that were safe during pregnancy and a topical anti-itch cream. This did little to ease the discomfort.

Within the next few days the rash turned into hot, itchy, inflamed blisters all over my arms and legs. I was at a loss as to what it was as I'd never experienced a rash like that nor had I known someone to go through anything like it. I consulted with my ob and with a dermatologist and they came to the conclusion that it was a reaction to the sunscreen I'd used while on vacation.

I was couldn't believe it. But sure enough, after a little internet research on sunscreen reactions, I found exactly what I was going through.

So here's what my dermatologist recommended to stay away from when pregnant and with little babies:


If you do a little research on any of these chemicals you will surely understand the seriousness of the issue. They interrupt hormones, they may cause liver damage, and all sorts of other things. So be a smart consumer and protect your family! You really don't want to put a child through what I just went through. Red, blistering, pruritic rash that takes a month to go away.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

From The Eyes of a Two Year old

My little one and I have been going to parks almost. every. day. It's fun and great exercise for her (and me). At first I was nervous that she would run people over or poke someone's eye but that hasn't happened! She's learning social skills that I couldn't teach her alone and I think she's becoming more confident in her moving abilities. So take your child to the park!

I just think this movie is adorable to be reminded of how BIG things where when you were two.

Also - anyone else remark the metal slide?!? I don't see those much in the US anymore. That's all I remember playing on as a little one; even one of the Moms that's in our playground remarked about that this morning!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Choosing the Best Food

Over at Summer Tomato I found this flow chart.
I was just shopping this morning and tried my best to keep out of the middle aisles and just shop the fresher food! It's a pretty funny way of looking at how we eat but Summer Tomato has some interesting food ideas and tips. I'm looking forward to farmers markets!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Toddler Food

So when my baby started eating more solid food, she REALLY took a liking to bread. I used to just break it up with my hands while standing next to her in the high chair but soon this came to bug me with how long it took. So I started using a pizza cutter! It is so easy to slice things up for little fingers. I use it with all sorts of foods. Cheese blocks, bread, pancakes, chicken, steak... there are a lot of different options when using a pizza cutter! It is a lot faster than using a fork and knife as well. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Plugged Ducts

For any nursing mother out there you may from time to time get a plugged duct. There is a lot of information out there on the internet about this and a good resource for me has been

This website has some basic information about mastitis vs plugged ducts. So you can go read up on it for yourself if you're having any issues.

For me what I found useful was to use a WARM compress before nursing while massaging the lump toward the nipple and after nursing if the lump was still there to use a cold compress and continue massaging. This with frequent nursing/pumping usually got the duct unplugged. I also could take some ibuprofen as well to help with the pain and get the blood flow circulating better.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fussy Time

Sometimes when talking to my mom on the phone in the evening, my little one would just be so fussy. My little one isn't normally fussy, she's an "angel baby" and is very happy go lucky! So this bout of evening fussing was quite unusual. My mom would often say - oh it's just her fussy time, lots of babies seem to have a fussy time in the early evening.

What can you do to combat this "fussy time"?

Keep to a schedule.
   We've discussed it before on here and every baby seems to thrive on a schedule.

Normally a fed baby is a happy baby
   Plan the schedule to have a feeding during the early evening.

   My little one enjoys her naps. A friend suggested that I should try to keep her up through the evening and then she'll sleep through the night better/easier. This was not for my baby, she enjoys her naps too much to give one up. So if your baby needs a 45 minute "power snooze" in the evening, let 'em have it! My baby slept through the night with no issues even with this 45 min. nap.

Keep stimulation to a minimum.
  When Dad comes home we know that he loves to have his play time with baby. Which is great and endearing, but it can also be a little much for the baby. Show Dad more subtle ways to play with baby during this time. Keep TV and Radio to a minimum unless that is soothing!